School Calendar

List of Important Events 2014-2015
Rhymes Competition- Toddler-KGII Handwriting Competition -I – IV——————-8th May 2015
Rabindra Jayanti Celebration-(V-Onwards)———————————————9th May 2015
Art & Craft ( Toddler –IV) / Quiz Competition (V onwards)—————————28th August 2015
Independence Day [ Class V –Onwards White School Uniform ]—————————15th August 2015
Teachers’ Day Morning : 9am-11am Day :12:pm – 2pm[School Uniform]—————– 5th September 2015
Parents –Teachers Meeting (Showing Answer Sheet & Interaction)————————-28th Sept 2015
Children’s Day :Dancing, Singing & Acting [Colour Uniform up to Class IV]————–16th November 2015
Annual Sports (All the Students & White Uniform only)———————————23rd December 2015
Picnic & Excursion ( Class I Onwards & School Uniform)———————————22nd January 2015
Annual Function [ All Students ]—————————————– Final decision will be taken later on
Sarasawati Puja [All Students– Unit Wise Celebration]—————– Dated according to Calendar 2015-2016
List of Long Holidays for the Session 2015-2016
Summer Vacations 16th May 15 –14th June 15————————————–will reopen on 15th June 2015
Puja Vacations 17th oct 15 – 15th Nov 15———————————–will reopen on 16th October 2015
Winter Vacations 24th Dec 15 -3rd Jan 16—————————————will reopen on 4th January 2016
Please follow school diary for the Holiday List for the Session 15-16
(Prior Intimation will be given for any other holidays)
SESSION 16-17:Books & Copies will be supplied between 30th March 2016 to 2nd April 2016 between 9am to 1pm.
New Session will begin from: 4th April 2016 in Schedule time: Attendance is compulsory on this day