Guidelines for Parents

1. A School mainly requires three things- A dedicated team of teachers, student’s performance and guardian’s co-operation. So a guardian is requested to give equal guidance to his/her ward as it would be given by the school and to co-operate with the school authority in all matters.

2. Guardian must sign the diary daily after seeing the following

i) Lessons for the next class (ii) General remarks if any, iii) Notice for Holidays.

3. Guardians or parents are not allowed to see their children or meet teachers during the school hours. Students are not allowed to leave the school before time.

4. Guardian can withdraw his/her ward if he/she is unable to maintain the rules and regulations of the school (one month’s prior written notice is required for the withdrawal of a student).

5. Suggestion and complaint letters from guardians and well wishers of St. Florence School are to be submitted in the office of the school.

6. Guardian should bring the identity card of their ward everyday. No student will be allowed to go with the guardian if the guardian fails to produce the Identity Card (compulsory for Toddlers to Class – IV). Class V onwards students should bring Identity card with them compulsory.

7. Parents/Guardians are requested to attend the guardian’s meeting, arranged at regular intervals for the progress of the child.

8. Defaulters showing negligence towards their children and school authority will be summoned and severe measures would be taken.