Objective & Our Motto

Our Objective
St. Florence School is an English Medium Co educational School which believes in the constructive, healthy and all round development of a child without creating any physical and mental pressure on them. The school targets to educate its students in the true sense by following the path of truth so that tomorrow they become true conquerors. Our main motive is to provide standard education for all the students to build them as responsible citizen of the nation.
Concept of child’s Development: A Child’s mind is considered to be a tabula rasa (or blank state). As the child grows, the mind takes its impression from the surrounding environment. So whatever impression is made in the child’s mind has to be made very carefully. The child’s psychology should be matured with educational nutrients and in this matter the school plays a very important role in the child’s development.

Our Motto

St. Florence School targets at the achievement of all round development of a child and teaches the students to follow the path of truth so that tomorrow they become not only true achievers but also conquerors.

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